Sunday-Relax Day 
On Monday we had to bring Mom and Laura to the airport, so on Sunday we drove to Dockweiler State Beach near LAX and had a relaxing day. Laura, Mom and I went for walk into the nearest residential area which ended up being a few miles of walking, but it was fun. That evening we sat outside and played a game of pitch. When Joe brought us out tea he also brought the cat out on her harness and let her walk around a little.
The next morning, we woke up around 5am and drove Mom and Laura to the airport, went back to our parking spot and went back to sleep. :)


This is actually an old pic. This was near Malibu on our way to LA. There were at least a couple porpoises in the water. This was the best shot I got of them.

Laura in her winter coat in California....

Lucy in her harness.

Joe holding Lucy in her harness. :)

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The RV park we were staying at was within walking distance to Disneyland. So, we walked to Disneyland and hung out there for that day. For the most part the lines were really quick. There was a Finding Nemo ride that was new, but we never went on that because everytime we went by it was at least an hour long line. There were some rides that were updated. The Pirates of the Caribbean had Captain Jack added in a few places. The haunted mansion was The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Lucy being comfy...

Laura and I in Toady's town car.

Laura by the phone in ToonTown, which apparently wasn't currently working...

Mom in front of the "It's a Small World" castle. That ride was closed.

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Friday-Makeup Schools 
So, Laura and Mom flew in on Thurs. On Friday we had to be at the bus stop by 7:20am in order to catch the bus to head into downtown LA and get to Laura's first appointment in Burbank. Laura is looking at going to a make-up school in LA and there are two that she wanted to check out. So she made appointments to get tours. The first one was Mudd, Make-up Designory. It looked neat. The area was nice.
Once that was done we headed down into Hollywood to go see her other school, Cinema Makeup School. We got there about an hour early, but the 2:30 appointment didn't show up (at least not on time) so we got in early. After walking around there and chatting with some people Laura got really excited. So, that's probably where she'll end up going.
That night we went to Wicked. It was awesome. It was really funny and really well done. Joe went home before that so just Mom, Laura and I went to it. We didn't get back to the RV that night until after 12am.

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Other Excitement 
So, I just wrote about the burning pickup and didn't even mention what happened when we found a campground to stay at. :) The campground was right on the beach, literally, and it was only $15, which is $10 cheaper than most of the state park campgrounds in the area. Anyway, we got there after dark and a guy had gotten his RV stuck in the sand. He dug himself in right up to his axle.
We found ourselves a spot and Joe went over to see if he could help. After trying some things, we decided to see if we could pull it some... We used the webbing we have with us for climbing, but couldn't find a decent place to attach to his RV. Ended up pulling his bumper out some and barely moved him. Not long after that the park ranger showed up. Eventually a buddy of his came that had an SUV and he put it in 4Low, hooked up to the wheel axel?, I believe, then pulled him right out.
So, eventful day yesterday.
We are now in Los Angeles. We decided to get here a couple days early (before Laura and my mom get here) so we could figure things out some.

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Truck on Fire 
We were driving down highway 101 when I saw a pickup driving up the on ramp. The truck bed was completely on fire. There was also a fuel tank in the back, which wasn't on fire. The guy got on the highway right in front of us and Joe laid on the horn, assuming they had no idea they were on fire. The guy must have finally looked back wondering what someone was honking about and you could see them freak out and pull over. Joe was worried about it exploding (the fuel tank in back could have been full) so we just continued on our way thinking there was nothing we could do to help anyway. Later, we realized that we have a fire extinguisher on board, where as many cars don't... Ooops. Later we were just off the highway (we took the next exit) and fire trucks were zooming north on highway 101. Apparently the truck ended up starting grass on fire on the side of the road.
Here's the news story. ... inguished/


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