Joshua Tree 
Well, we're finally out of LA. Yesterday we drove out of town and headed towards Joshua Tree National Park. So, we're currently in the desert staying at a cheap RV park north of the national park. There are barely any people here, so it's a lot nicer. The days are crazy though. We're near the edge of the time zone and because of the recent time change, it gets light really early and dark really early. It was super sunny by 6am and it's 4:30 now and the sun will probably be gone within half an hour. It's really messing with both of us. I feel like it's 7pm already. :p

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Universal Studios 
So, Joe and I are nuts, and even after Mom and Laura left, we stayed in LA for a couple more days. We rode the metro for a couple hours and went to Universal Studios. It was fun. The theme park, not the metro. The first thing we went into was a haunted house, which was well put together. It had real people jump out at you (which is always annoying) but it was really funny because some women that were in front of us were super jumpy. Made it really funny.
We went on the studio tour which was neat. Getting to see the streets and back lots where they have western streets, European streets, suburbia, etc. Sounds like one of the streets we went by was just used in an episode of Heroes that week. They were in Ireland or something. Don't watch the show, so I don't really know.. . :)
We found a vegan restaurant that had been recommended to us that was down Hollywood Blvd. That had some very good food. We then took the metro back and got off where we thought was the closest to where the RV was. We ended up getting turned around and finally asked someone stopped at a stop light which direction the ocean was. After they confirmed it, we headed to the next bus stop and waited there (they had said it was miles away). Not long later, the same car pulled up and they offered us a ride. So, that was awfully nice of them. We got a ride back to the park. In all it was a fun day.

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Sunday-Relax Day 
On Monday we had to bring Mom and Laura to the airport, so on Sunday we drove to Dockweiler State Beach near LAX and had a relaxing day. Laura, Mom and I went for walk into the nearest residential area which ended up being a few miles of walking, but it was fun. That evening we sat outside and played a game of pitch. When Joe brought us out tea he also brought the cat out on her harness and let her walk around a little.
The next morning, we woke up around 5am and drove Mom and Laura to the airport, went back to our parking spot and went back to sleep. :)


This is actually an old pic. This was near Malibu on our way to LA. There were at least a couple porpoises in the water. This was the best shot I got of them.

Laura in her winter coat in California....

Lucy in her harness.

Joe holding Lucy in her harness. :)

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The RV park we were staying at was within walking distance to Disneyland. So, we walked to Disneyland and hung out there for that day. For the most part the lines were really quick. There was a Finding Nemo ride that was new, but we never went on that because everytime we went by it was at least an hour long line. There were some rides that were updated. The Pirates of the Caribbean had Captain Jack added in a few places. The haunted mansion was The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Lucy being comfy...

Laura and I in Toady's town car.

Laura by the phone in ToonTown, which apparently wasn't currently working...

Mom in front of the "It's a Small World" castle. That ride was closed.

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Friday-Makeup Schools 
So, Laura and Mom flew in on Thurs. On Friday we had to be at the bus stop by 7:20am in order to catch the bus to head into downtown LA and get to Laura's first appointment in Burbank. Laura is looking at going to a make-up school in LA and there are two that she wanted to check out. So she made appointments to get tours. The first one was Mudd, Make-up Designory. It looked neat. The area was nice.
Once that was done we headed down into Hollywood to go see her other school, Cinema Makeup School. We got there about an hour early, but the 2:30 appointment didn't show up (at least not on time) so we got in early. After walking around there and chatting with some people Laura got really excited. So, that's probably where she'll end up going.
That night we went to Wicked. It was awesome. It was really funny and really well done. Joe went home before that so just Mom, Laura and I went to it. We didn't get back to the RV that night until after 12am.

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