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      • Traveling
        We spent Tuesday traveling to Cozumel. We had to take a ferry, then a taxi, then a bus then another ferry to get there. Mary was feeling a little seasick from the ferry ride, so we just went to the hotel that we've stayed at on Cozumel before. Lunch was at apparently the oldest restaurant on

      • Relaxing on Isla Mujeres
        We spent the last few days mostly relaxing. We would go find breakfast then go back to the room to cool off a bit. Mary often would go shopping or a bit then we would find lunch. The sun is so hot! We waited until an hour or so before sunset before going swimming both Sat and Sun at the north bea

      • First Full Isla Mujeres Day
        We mostly relaxed for today (and most of this trip with Mary will be just chilling out and relaxing). We went to Mary's favorite place, Tia Yao, for breakfast and had super yummy crepes. I hung out in the room for most of the hot part of the day. Mary did some shopping. Once it was getting

      • Stressful Day on Isla Mujeres
        After finding breakfast I was getting packed up when I realized a black sock and my fox t-shirt were missing. The sock is a little annoying but not that big of a deal. The fox shirt I really like so that was kind of sad. I wrote down some phrases and decided to go back to the laundry place just i

      • Meeting Up With Mary
        Today was the day we switched people. We got some breakfast then got the bags packed up and headed over to Cozumel. Since we got the hotel in Playa for 2 nights I could leave mine there. We got some juice and a light snack then caught a taxi for the airport. They left and I waited around for a b

      • Travel to Playa del Carmen
        We got breakfast in the morning then packed our bags and headed to the bus station. We got a few treats for the bus since it would be traveling over lunch and we were prepared for a 3 or 4 hour ride. We ended up on the first class bus so it went straight to Playa (we were expecting it to go throug

      • Valladolid
        We arrived pretty late so Joe and Dani dropped me off in the cafeteria area with the bags while they split up to look for a hotel. Turns out that not only is it a holiday (being near Easter) but there was also a soccer tournament going on all week. All the hotels were booked. However, Dani came b

      • Snorkel Trip
        We started trying to figure out Joe and Dani's last few days. We decided to get Dani a (hopefully) good snorkeling experience and take her out on a snorkeling tour. We found a company that was leaving in 10 minutes so headed out. The first part was great. Lots of fish and lots of coral. A

      • Southern Isla Mujeres
        We chilled out for most of the morning because we wanted to be in the water a bit later today. Our plan was to do the southern part of the island. That included a turtle hatchery, a sculpture garden and some snorkeling. The turtle hatchery was pretty cute and fun. It's pretty small so didn&

      • Isla Mujeres
        Because we've been keeping pretty busy, we decided to mostly take a break day. We had gotten burned in Tulum walking around the ruins so we wanted to try and stay out of the sun at the hottest part of the day. We wandered around on and off throughout the day. An hour before sunset we did go

      • Leaving Tulum
        We had the car until noon and the room until noon so we drove the car to get a quick breakfast. My food never came and we needed to get going. While Joe was trying to find something else for me to eat Dani grabbed the key because she apparently wanted to start the car to get it cooled off before w

      • Tulum Ruins
        Today we went to the Tulum Ruins. Once we arrived, Dani realized that she had been there as a young teenager with her family during a cruise. She didn't remember much so it was still a good trip. The wind was blowing which definitely helped with the heat but ended up being bad for the sun as

      • Cozumel to Tulum
        We had a great breakfast but when we planned on showering after breakfast, it turns out the water main had broken so there was no water. Yay... Our original thought was to go to Isla Mujeres first, but we changed our plan and went to Tulum instead. Once in Tulum we found lunch at a yummy local pl

      • Back to the Yucatan
        We decided to head back to Mexico this year. We're taking Danielle with us. Mary was kind enough to take us down to The Cities before our flight. We flew to Cozumel this time instead of Cancun because the flight was cheaper and ended up just making more sense.

        Upon arriving we wal

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