New Friends 
We spent some time just working and resting. Donald, the guy we met on Maui, and his girlfriend, Megan, were both in Honolulu around the same time, so we really wanted to meet up with them.
Friday we made plans to go snorkeling and leave early in the morning. Well, it rained all night, so Donald figured the water would be too stirred up to really see anything. We went back to bed and ended up heading out later in the afternoon to a different, closer area. The rain started up as soon as we went over the mountains. It was pouring! We stopped at the beach and decided to go into the water anyway. It was kind of neat to snorkel with the water hitting your back. The visibility was pretty awful though.

We didn't stay long, but the main problem was, Megan and I didn't really have much for dry clothes. We got some stuff sorted, warmed up a bit, and found a restaurant that had very good food. We then found a creperie called Le Crepe Cafe that was amazing. We had very good dessert crepes before dropping Donald and Megan off and heading back to the house.

The next day, we got some stuff prepared before calling them again to try for a new snorkel adventure. This time we went to a place nicknamed 'Electric Beach' because it is right outside a power plant that shoots warm water (it uses sea water to cool its pipes). Apparently fish congregate around there. We headed out and definitely found some warm water. You can see it bubbling to the surface.

It was a very neat area. There were fish everywhere, some we hadn't seen yet. We also got to see an eel. When we started heading in, Joe spotted an octopus! So, that's our second one. Very fun.

This adventure went much better than the previous one. We headed towards an Indian restaurant for dinner, but ended up going to a Hawaiin-Southern restaurant? The food was good, it was just a bit interesting. Afterwards, we all agreed that Le Crepe Cafe was amazing and we should head back there. We were hoping to be home by 8 to get a load of laundry done, but we ended up chatting for quite a while and didn't get home until 9. All worked out fine though. It was a blast to get to know them.


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Torture and Rest 
Yesterday we were planning on resting after walking so much, but Sue was heading to work and apparently Chinatown is near there, so we hitched a ride. Joe wanted to go there to check out the area and try and find these neat cereal/drink packets that Donald introduced us to.

We spent about 4 hours on our feet and walked another 4 miles or so. We were pretty tired and sore from the day before still, so I think it was a day too early... We did find the packets and they had less protein in them than Joe was hoping, but he still picked up a bag of them.

On our way home, we stopped at a vegan restaurant that was very good.

Today, we have been sitting at the house just working, resting and playing. Joe's getting a little bored, but it should mean we have more energy for doing something tomorrow.


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We were picked up last night from the airport by our host. The view from our room is of the city and is pretty amazing. Lucas and his mother are very nice and fun. They're both basically vegans. We had fun chatting with them quite a bit last night.

This morning, we headed out to get breakfast. Unfortunately, the house is up quite a hill. We walked a mile down and found a small grocery store and a cute cafe. We had breakfast at the cafe, walked around a little bit, then headed back to the supermarket, back up the hill in the hot sun, and home.

We were due for our second Twinrix shot (Hep A and Hep B shot in one) so I called a travel clinic that was a little under 2 miles away. They could get us in at 2. We headed back out and hoofed it down there. We each got our shot and decided to walk around and explore some. We walked down to the beach and over to Waikiki before starting to work our way back, finding dinner along the way. We ended up walking around 13-14 miles today total. We're hurting pretty good.


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Finish the Big Island, off to Oahu 
On Sunday, we decided to try taking Mary boogie boarding. We checked out a few different beaches. One beach we had to drive down a crazy awful road to get to the parking area. The beach was absolutely gorgeous though. Joe and Mary played in the water some before we headed back out. We checked out another beach that was very pretty, and far easier to get to. We decided to come back there when the sun was lower.

We found lunch and even some desert before heading back to the other beach. Once there, we sat in the shade and watched the others in the water for a while. An older couple (just retired age) were watching whales out from the beach. They let us use their binoculars some. Joe and Mary went into the water and I sat with them chatting and watching the whales. They were super active!

For dinner, we found a little hole in the wall sushi joint. The food was excellent.

All three of us were flying out on Monday, so in the morning, we had heard of another good snorkeling spot. We decided to head there. The snorkeling was great. We got to see an eel and a couple turtles. The geography of the coral was amazing. Afterwards, we headed back to the house, cleaned up, and headed to the airport.

We got there early, like you're supposed to do. It looked like the waiting area for our gate was through a line that had a sign about agricultural inspection (you can't bring fresh fruits, vegetables or flowers from Hawaii to the mainland), so an hour before our flight, the previous flight was done boarding though the plane hadn't taken off yet, we got into line to go into the waiting area. The lady checked our tickets, wrote a new seat number and said, 'here ya go'. Apparently we were supposed to board the plane? So weird. Because we happened to be there, they put us on the flight before ours.

It worked out fine in the end because we just stayed in the Honolulu airport with Mary until our ride was coming to get us.


The gorgeous beach.

Joe and Mary hanging out in the waves.

Another gorgeous beach. The colors were amazing.

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Captain Cook and Volcano National Park 
The following morning we got up early and headed south to get a kayak. We rented a two person kayak so we could kayak the mile across Kaleakala Bay to Captain Cook Monument. The area is supposed to be the best snorkeling in the state. It's the same place Joe and I walked down to before Mary came.

We got across without a problem and went snorkeling, took a break, then hopped in again. The water was very clear! There were fish everywhere. We had loads of fun. We paddled back to shore by early afternoon. We were pretty tired just from that, so we stayed at the house for the rest of the evening.

The next day, we got up relatively early again and headed out to drive around the island. We started by heading north. We stopped a few places to check out some lava tubes that were marked in the guidebook and waterfalls, which were gorgeous. Akaka Falls had a small bamboo forest that was neat. The bamboo looked very different from the bamboo in the forest on Maui.

We got to Volcano National Park around 3pm. Over half of Crater Rim Drive was closed due to high sulfur concentrations in the air. The crater was spewing out quite a bit of smoke. There was possibly some lava flow, but the road we would have had to go down to get to it would have been an extra 50 or so miles of driving had we gone that way to start. Since we already passed the area, it would have been way too much driving without even knowing we were for sure going to see some. So, we enjoyed the sites, checked out the Thurston Lava Tube, and headed out. Part of the lava tube was developed (basically paved ground and lights all along it), but about 350 meters was undeveloped. We had a flashlight, so we headed down there. It was very neat. Huge! It was a lot longer for the size (standing 98% of the time with lots of head room) than the lava tubes in the California National Monument that we like so much.

Our hope once we left the park was to find dinner. We stopped a few places but were not successful. We ended up getting to the Captain Cook area (about half an hour from home) when Joe spotted a hitchhiking girl, so he stopped to pick her up. She ended up telling us that her wallet and cell phone and been lost or stolen when she was on the bus. We told her we were just going to get some food, so if she wanted, we could buy her dinner, then drop her off at the airport (she wanted to get home to San Diego). She agreed, but then started getting really scared. So, we ended up just going to a plaza type area that is brightly lit and serves pizza. She kept saying she wanted to go to the airport and go home. We kept telling her that we didn't want to leave her stranded at the airport because it might close (which we found out later that it does) and the airport is 8-10 miles away from anything. Also, she can't even get a ticket without money or get on a plane without her ID.

Joe finally called the police (sort of with her permission). They came to help, but she was really fidgety, kept getting offended by odd things and was not being very cooperative even though the police officer was being very friendly and helpful. They finally got a hold of a sibling or friend for her, which I think helped. When we finally left the officer said he would be sure she had some place safe to stay tonight and would continue to help her out. He said she had classic symptoms of PTSD. So, something must of happened while she was on the island recently. We're just hoping that she was able to get things straightened out and get a flight home today.

Today, Mary went shopping while Joe and I stayed at the house resting and getting work done. Tomorrow may be a mostly rest day. We'll see. :)


One of the neat lava tubes. Around the outside was so green! Definitely not what we were used to seeing with lava tubes.

Akaka Falls.

Smoking volcano.

A very neat crater that was once a lake of lava. A hike goes down into the crater. If we had more time and energy, that would have been an amazing hike.

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