Lots of Photos 
Here are a number of photos starting in the Oregon caves to our drive to Sacramento. While going down highway 101, there was a road you could take that went basically parallel to the highway called the "Avenue of Giants". We took that. It was a very pretty drive. Lots of big trees.

Some formations in th marble, Oregon Cave. Very neat looking.

Joe sitting on the burl of a Redwood.

The largest Redwood we saw. It was in Stout Grove. It's probably about 16 feet in diameter.

Yes, we are standing in the tree. The bark is very resistant to fire, so after many forest fires, it will typically make a hole in the bark and the fire eats away the dead inside. The outside, right under the bark, is living, so even though the bottom of the tree is partially hollowed out the tree still lives and stands.

An elk we saw as we came into Elk Prairie State Park.

There is a town named Miranda along the Avenue of Giants. :)

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Ooops Lava Beds Photos 
Okay, so I didn't realize how long it had been since I took the photos off of my camera. These four are from the Lava Beds National Monument. I still haven't gotten the photos off of Joe's camera so I'm not doing the Oregon Caves photos or Redwood's photos until I get the ones from there. :)


A lake nearby the monument. Yes, all those black spots are birds.

A, I think, young Red Tail Hawk that was flying by the RV.

This was an area called the Devil's Homestead. The black below is an old lava flow. The mountains in the distance are volcanoes. I thought it was so neat that they all dipped on the top instead of being pointed like normal mountains are.

These little lizards were all over the park. This one sat nicely on a post while I took it's picture.

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The Redwoods 
There are some huge trees out here! The forests are very neat. We stayed in Jedediah State Park campground for the first night, but no internet (go figure) so we did a little hiking the next morning then took off. We found a junky RV park in Crescent City that we stayed at the next night. That day though we drove part way towards Stout Grove (it's a once lane, windy road between Redwoods, so they don't like RV's up there). We parked the RV off the road and waited in the rain hoping someone would give us a ride up there. It was a 4 mile walk, so we figured get a ride up there and walk back. A park ranger gave us a ride there, we walked around and saw some neat trees then started down the road. A couple that we saw on the path drove up behind us and gave us a ride back to the RV. They were from Wisconsin and actually drove out this direction to drop off stuff for their son that moved out to Portland.
The next day we hit a few more trails and even saw an elk. Last night we stayed in another kinda junky RV park. We are working our way to Sacramento in order to pick up Joe's friend, Toan, from the airport. He arrives on Saturday. We are currently sitting in a day use area of Humboldt State Park. Very pretty area. We'll try and get some photos up soon. I just haven't gotten any of them on my computer yet.


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Oregon Caves 
The Oregon Caves were really neat. The drive up there was a bit steep and windy, but it was worth it. We got there right as they were starting a tour, so no waiting even. The cave that we went through is marble, which is pretty rare. It was originally at the bottom of the ocean and was pushed up to 4000 ft when two plates collided. The carbonic acid from the forest that grew above it seeped through the marble and that along with water created the cave.
There were some very neat formations in there. We'll get some photos up soon.

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We left the lava beds today. The last two days there we spent some time hiking around and checked out a few more caves. On one of our hikes we went to Big Painted Cave and the Symbol Bridge. Both of which contain pictographs drawn a long time ago. Of course I don't remember how old the sign thought they were anymore. :) We also went into Skull Cave which has an ice floor year round. They have that part closed off though because all the sediment on the ice from people walking on it was ruining the ice. We could see the ice though. :)

We had to head north in order to get back to the coast to go to the red woods, so we are just south of Medford staying in an RV park for tonight. There's an Oregon Caves National Park sort of on our way. We may go check that out, but it sounds like everything is guided. Still sounds neat though.


A rock on the wall with distinct pictographs

More pictographs.

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