We finally found a campervan! It comes with a bed in the back (with a real mattress, not an air mattress like some), kitchen stuff, cooler, chairs and a table along with some other odds and ends. So, our plan is to leave Auckland tomorrow and head north. Along with the sale we also got a mobile phone. So, that should be handy, especially once we have to try and sell it.

Tomorrow is my first day of driving on the left!


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I just wanted to update the blog quick to let people know that we're in Auckland on the North Island, so we're nowhere near Christchurch where the earthquake happened. So, we're safe. The only effect we had here was the phones were out for a bit.

On that note, we haven't really been doing anything but working and going for short walks. We have decided to buy a van that is outfitted with a bed and some camping gear. After talking to numerous people in the hostel, that sounds like the best, and cheapest, way to go. So, that's our main goal right now.


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Joe woke up yesterday morning feeling pretty awful. Since the only thing we did different for the last number of days was dinner the previous night, our guess was food poisoning. He spent most of the day sleeping, then we got a ride to the airport.

Our flight left on time and was about 3 hours. He didn't feel great, but made it without a problem. We took the 'super shuttle' to the hostel we're staying at. It was $37NZD, but from what we could find out about the buses, it was cheaper than that... The bus system in Auckland is very confusing.

Anyway, the hostel is nice, though last night a group came in and was basically right outside our window (open window) being pretty loud at 12:30. Apparently it takes three Brits to help a drunk girl... Anyway, we walked to a nearby, very small market store to find some oatmeal. Joe felt pretty bad after that walk, so since then we've just been hanging out in the room and trying to figure out what our plan is.

Joe did find out that camping is apparently the exact same here as in the states. He's tempted to get a camper van type thing and then just sell it before we leave. That's apparently very common. The only kicker is, I have to drive since he lost his license with his wallet. Not only that, but they drive on the left here. We'll see if we go that route or not.


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Boat Trip 
We were supposed to head back to Nadi at 11 via small boat. It rained most of that night and was still raining when we got up. During breakfast I got a call from Donna, the lady that arranged everything. She told us that the small boat wasn't coming because of the weather, so she was going to book us on the big boat. We would have to pay them, then she would refund us the $120 we paid for the other boat. Unfortunately, she never told us where to meet her when we got off the boat.

We got to Nadi and had no idea where we were. It was a port with a bunch of shops, so once we realized she probably wasn't there, we found lunch at a pizza place (incredibly good pizza). There was a complimentary shuttle for the boat that could take us to the airport, but it wasn't leaving again until 3 and it was before 2. We finally just paid the $20 to a taxi to get to the hotel.

It turns out Donna was waiting for us where the complimentary shuttle would have let us off. Of course we had no idea she wanted us to take it or even where to get off if we had taken it. But we got there anyway.

It poured like crazy last night and is still sprinkling this morning. We're staying at the hotel until 2 and then getting a ride to the airport. We did get our refund, fortunately.


Mana Island.

The green building on the left is where we stayed.

A view of Mana from higher up.

The island where Castaway was filmed.

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This morning we decided to sign up for the trip to the uninhabited island where Castaway was filmed. There were 9 people in a relatively small fishing boat. The snorkeling was great. Lots of fish and the coral was very interesting and colorful. When we left there, we headed for 'Sand Bar', which is basically just a small sand island not too far from Mana. The water was very shallow there, but there were quite a few fish. We even saw what must have been a huge lobster. It was under a rock so all we could see was its antennae. It turned out to be a good way to spend our morning and early afternoon.

Unfortunately, Joe ended up burned, even though he completely covered up. He had long sleeves on and long pants. He even put sunscreen on everything that was exposed, but he still ended up with burnt hands. I'm stuck with burnt lips and burnt thighs, but not terrible.


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