Pismo Beach Surfing Safari 
Exciting Surf this morning. Went out at 9am on a cloudy day. Miranda still stayed with kitty because of back pain last few days. On the beach, I noticed a Dead Seal body in a mess of Kelp.. hmmm.. Out in the water, The typical Seals were poping their heads out and staring all rudely about 25 feet away. Out in front of me, I Saw a Big Fin.. . . I freaked, Turned out to be a Dolphin fin though... Little later watched 4-6 dolphons jumping The surf 100 yards away. A single Fin popped up about 30 feet away from me. Later on saw a Sea Otter Lazing on it's back, paddling out to see.. And the whole while Giant Pelicans coming within a Couple feet of my head as they Wind-Surf The same Waves to save on Flapping their wings.. . Also saw a couple baby diving birds of some sort nearby. All in all, a big load of Items on the food chain.. . Had my mind on the one missing Predator to make the party complete, but never saw one ;) Oh.. and the surf itself, is o.k. Morro Bay was better.


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Morro Bay 
So Joe and I are staying in Morro Bay, CA which is between San Fransisco and LA on the coast. Joe tried surfing yesterday and got a bit beat up. The forecast sounds like the waves should be good tomorrow so we're both going to try then and see how it goes. :)

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Me Surfing 
Last Friday (yes these entries are a little out of order) we went surfing before leaving the campground. Since the sun wasn't directly behind us, Joe decided to try and get some video of me surfing. Nothing too exciting.. I was under a bit of pressure. :)
CLICK FOR VIDEO:Miranda Surfing

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Joe Surfing 
A couple days ago Joe went out surfing and I just walked out to the beach and watched. I was pretty pooped from surfing a few days in a row, so I wanted a break. Unfortunately, high tide is/was around 5ish so the sun was right behind him. Hard to get video when he's that far out and the sun is glaring back at you. I did get some pics though. So I'll post those.
Oh, afterwards we went to a Mongolian Grill in Newport. It was quite good. :)


Coming out to chat for a minute before heading back out for a short bit.

Joe riding a wave.

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Went out surfing again. The waves were relatively calm and very nice for catching and practicing. Tons of fun, but after three previous days of surfing I'm am worn out. Our seal buddy was hanging out by us for a bit. At one point Joe was to the left and ahead of me and the seal was basically in line with Joe directly in front of me, within 20 feet of both of us. Kinda fun watching the seal watch us. :)


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