Fell in River, and Broke Camera + UPDATED 
UPDATED: July 3rd-
I just updated this entry with the pictures off the broken camera as
we just got the replacement, and now we can both take pictures. Check out the merganser pictures below!

Bad day. We went for a paddle just south of Island Lake in wetland and then a mucky river. I somehow managed to Tip the canoe while trying to get out and fall into the deep mucky leech-infested water... what a mess. had to swim out after the canoe and all.. Felt the diseases infesting as i raced home for a shower :) Prior to that we droped the camera an inch onto the bottom of the boat and it died... So gonna put a hamper on our updates while we hopefully get a warranty replacement..

This is a wetland we figured had to have critters! Nothing really though... The outer circle makes roughly a 1 mile long paddle. Lots of Pitcher plants.

Common Mergansers in the Island Lake wetland, about the only life there.

Blue dragonfly posing.

Crazy looking bug on Miranda's pants! What is it? Anyone know?

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Pokegama River Paddle 
Miranda and I went for an evening paddle up and down Pokegama River Starting at: 4639'57"N 9207'36". We just missed a thunderstorm, winds were up high so we didn't go all the way to the Lake Superior Bay. We did see many animals along this thick, still, brown river though! Muskrat, Red-winged Blackbirds, many deer, rabbits, ducklings, Great Horned Owl, Great Blue Heron, Canada Geese. All in only 2 hours!

Purple line shows our path, Superior WI is to the right.

Muskrat working down the river.

Ducklings balancing on a log.

Great Horned Owl above us on river.

Pair of lovebirds ignoring us while we drive by.

Geese Galore

Winged Montage.

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Wetland Canoeing 
After camping at Island Lake, Joe and I decided to go canoeing in a nearby wetland. He paddled around the edges while I took pictures. Afterwards, on our way home, we came upon a fox eating roadkill. We were afraid he might get hit by a car being that close to the road so I moved it into the grass before we left. (Just for a warning, there is a picture :) ) (Wetland was @ GPS 47 1'6"N 92 8'30"W)

One of many Blue Flag Irises.

A couple frogs were kind enough to stay for a photo.

Just caught this Common Yellowthroat leaving the branch.

Scraggly fox didn't seem too afraid of cars.

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Island Lake Canoe Camping 
My Mother, Miranda, and I went for a quick camping trip to a fun little campsite up a river across Island Lake. Odie behaved well on our travel across the lake. Real nice Pine needle floored campsite. There was a rope swing nearby also. Highly recommend unmarked campsite @ GPS 471'36"N 924'56"W.

My Mum out for a little paddle

Miranda's artsy Blue Jay feather composition. Rope Swing near campsite.

Morning mist flowing down river

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River Hike and Windsurfing 
Went for a hike up Lincoln Park's River this morning with brother mike,
we rock jumped about 1/2 mile up it. through a tunnel, and then monkey-bar'd it across the river under a bridge. Later went Windsurfing in the Bay. Far too much wind for my first time out this year, wasn't in shape for it. Roommate Tone's girlfriend Jill came with, but didn't want to try.

Oooohh I have a wake :)

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