Peregrine Watch 
I just started a new job today! It's only for a few weeks but it's already been a lot of fun and very educational. I'm working for Hawk Ridge, showing people the Peregrine Falcons that nest on the Greysolon Plaza building. Today we helped get the three chicks banded. The parents were not at all happy. The mother was dive bombing the person that was getting the chicks quite a bit. Once they were banded, they were put back and we left, making the parents much happier.

We haven't been doing much traveling, but I thought I would put up something, especially since I got some photos.


The baby getting banded.

I got to hold one!

The mother was not at all happy.

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Video of Work 
I'm back home from Montana and have been for a bit yet, but I haven't updated because I have some video that I hadn't dealt with yet. Anyway, Pat (Joe's father) decided to bring the video camera up to the job to get some video of me working. I kept hoping that he would forget, but, alas, he didn't.

Here's the video. It's pretty big, so you may have to be patient for it to load...


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Last Sunday, I flew out to Montana to work for Pat for two weeks. The work has been going well. On Tuesday, the machine blew two hoses at two different times. Since then I haven't had anymore problems. The 12 hour days get a little old and tiring (leave at 4:30am get home between 4 and 5 pm), but only one more week, then I fly back home.

It has been going fine though. On Saturday we went to Hungry Horse Reservoir and picked huckleberries. It was pretty hot, so I jumped in the lake afterwards. That was very refreshing. Now this morning, we used the fresh huckleberries I picked for our huckleberry pancakes. They were very good.

No pictures though because I didn't bring my camera. It was one more thing that I didn't want to have to worry about in the airport. Pat keeps saying he's going to bring the video camera out to the job to film me while working. I keep hoping he'll forget. :)


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Back to Work... 
So started back running the delimber for Pat for a Week and a half while Dave (the not-so-retired delimber operator) is on a trip.
It went fine, but I couldn't fall asleep last night and we left at 4am... so I now have a bad headache and Joe thinks I'm loopy...


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More Problems at Work 
So we got the engine put back in the yarder. I worked up the last trees they brought up from that set and as I was backing up to clean more of the road off, I looked behind me and my machine was smoking. Turns out my fan belt was busted. There was something wrong with my heating hose too, so I had to run to town to get those two things. The road we're working on and the county road off the highway we drive on were pure ice. So, we had put on tire chains that morning to get up our road. I got to take those off then when I got back put them on... all by myself. Fortunately, it didn't take me too long to do, but it was so slick right inside the gate that my using the pickup for support while walking on the ice made the pickup slide about a foot.


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