Windsurfing and Diving 
Since we couldn't go diving for a few days because of the wind, Joe decided to go windsurfing. There were a couple places within walking distance to rent a windsurfer from, so we headed there. He ended up going for it and was pretty warn out by the end, but did a good job. We came back a couple days later and he went out for another hour. So he did get some fun out of those windy days!

This morning we did get to go out for a dive. It was pretty hectic since no one had been able to dive for quite a few days. They had two boats go out. We had two groups on our boat (12 divers). The swells were definitely not even close to as bad as they were on Monday, but there were still definitely some large ones. I assume that's part of the reason they ask divers to descend right after they get off the boat instead of waiting for everyone. Of course that means that those that get off the boat first already have some of their air used up before the last people get down there. In other dives we've done, this wouldn't be a big deal. When someone runs low on air (1000 or 700 lbs depending on the preference of the dive master) the dive master sends that person and their buddy (or another diver that is low on air) up to do their three minute safety stop. This company apparently just goes by whoever has the least amount of air... This made for two pretty short dives. We normally do around 45 minute dives, even when our maximum depth is 80 feet. This time, both dives were barely over 30 minutes... So we felt a bit gypped in that regard.

However, the dives were pretty nice. The coral was gorgeous and on the second dive we saw so many nurse sharks, a couple really big ones. One very large Moray Eel was swimming around, right up to some of the divers. It was very obvious it had been fed in the past. Still pretty neat though.

We're leaving tomorrow morning for Caye Caulker, an island just south of here. We'll hopefully do more diving off that island as well.


Joe windsurfing.

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River Hike and Windsurfing 
Went for a hike up Lincoln Park's River this morning with brother mike,
we rock jumped about 1/2 mile up it. through a tunnel, and then monkey-bar'd it across the river under a bridge. Later went Windsurfing in the Bay. Far too much wind for my first time out this year, wasn't in shape for it. Roommate Tone's girlfriend Jill came with, but didn't want to try.

Oooohh I have a wake :)

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Sailing Fun Race 
Miranda and I went out sailing with Scott Tonight. Friday night fun race. Very light wind, but we were winning! Got real far up ahead... But the only problem with winning is that you have to follow the proper course to continue your lead... Captain Scott decided we should go around a bouy a 1/4mile off course... Near mutiny when the crew noticed the mistake.. but we still ended up with second place :)

Nice view of the 4 other racers in our very tiny wake...

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Sailing with Scott 
Went out sailing with my buddy Scott. It was a big race, huge winds 20-30mph. Miranda managed to get out of it.
We did a terrible show :) . We only managed to get the main sail up before the race, and reefed it because of high winds. One minute before the start, we busted the main sail's reef point.. BAD START. Took us a couple minutes to fix, and we were trailing the rest of the time. COLD WINDY DAY... Guess it was fun ?? :)

Bad picture of Scott, Amber, and Duluth Harbor.

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