Yep, We're Boring 
So, we've just been hanging out at the house and working on the game basically. I thought I would put this up in case there are people still checking the site. :) We went for a walk yesterday since it was pretty nice. There's a broken water valve or something a few blocks away from our house and every year it makes a neat ice sculpture. So, we walked there and I took some pics.


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Homa Again Home Again 
Well, we're back in Duluth at the house now. Lots of unpacking still to do and we got to shovel the driveway before we even started.. . yay.

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Ishy Snow 
We are almost home, but of course had to drive through the snow today... The roads actually aren't that bad... it's just a little nerve racking. Let's just say I'll be very happy when we pull into the driveway. Of course then the unpacking starts... :)


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On the Road Again 
So, the guys fixing the RV this morning ended up breaking the fuel line while trying to get the fuel pump out, so the relatively easy, quick job turned into a few hours... Oh well, it's back up and running and we are back on the road heading towards home. The goal is to get to an RV park just north of Des Moines tonight. That will leave us with less than 400 miles to go to get home. :)


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Truck trouble 
update: we are spending the night in the gated auto-shop work area :) To have the fuel pump replaced in the morning. .. oh well.. . . At least they gave us an outlet!!!! wooohoooo! heat!!!


So, the fuel filter is in the Rusted big bolt, and the fuel line is plugged into that.. . WHICH way do i turn fuel filter bolt? and which way do i turn Fuel line fitting???? :)

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