Sea/Ice Caves 
Yesterday Joe's friend, Scott, and Scott's cousin, Adam came out and we all went to Meyer's Beach to walk to the Sea Caves. I've never been out there in winter. There was a lot of really neat things. I, being an idiot, forgot my camera. So no pictures. :( Sorry. We did walk about 7-8 miles. So, that was quite a walk, and there were tons of people there, but it was still neat.


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Yep. So, we got a bunch of snow. So far no deer have traipsed across the backyard, so it's still completely free of footprints which looks really neat. The first outdoor pics are from before the latest snow. As you can see on the house picture, the back deck barely has any snow on it. Yeah... Now the snow is a good foot and half deep. :)


Quincy was here. So, all three adult cats hanging out under the covers on a warm bed.

The house.

Lucy on the deck, not sure why she wanted to come outside.

The backyard now, since the last snow.

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I actually made my first pumpkin pies! So, it was almost a week ago now, but I was waiting until I uploaded the pictures. I made 2 pumpkin pies and a carrot cake from scratch (for Joe's birthday).
I included some more fun pictures too since kitties are always fun to look at.


My pumpkin pies and cake.

Lucy's only kitty friend.

All the kitties hanging out relatively near each other.. but on their own perch.




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Sorry about the videos. I had problems getting them uploaded. The videos should work now.

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Kittie Videos! 
I finally Got the pictures and videos off the HP camera, so here are a couple videos. Also, we have a red cat tube that the two of them were playing in tons yesterday. Super funny. They even figured out how to roll it. Unfortunately, the video we took was too dark to see much.


CLICK FOR VIDEO:Kitties Playing
CLICK FOR VIDEO:More of Kitties Playing

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