Island Lake Canoe Camping 
My Mother, Miranda, and I went for a quick camping trip to a fun little campsite up a river across Island Lake. Odie behaved well on our travel across the lake. Real nice Pine needle floored campsite. There was a rope swing nearby also. Highly recommend unmarked campsite @ GPS 471'36"N 924'56"W.

My Mum out for a little paddle

Miranda's artsy Blue Jay feather composition. Rope Swing near campsite.

Morning mist flowing down river

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River Hike and Windsurfing 
Went for a hike up Lincoln Park's River this morning with brother mike,
we rock jumped about 1/2 mile up it. through a tunnel, and then monkey-bar'd it across the river under a bridge. Later went Windsurfing in the Bay. Far too much wind for my first time out this year, wasn't in shape for it. Roommate Tone's girlfriend Jill came with, but didn't want to try.

Oooohh I have a wake :)

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Submerged Concrete Building Jumping 
Went out to an old concrete building sitting out in Lake Superior off of Canal Park in Duluth. My brother Tim and Miranda came. It's a fun place to swim around, climb, and jump off. Water was COLD today though!! Our tiny little 1mm wetsuits didn't do much to help, the others were all hanging out on top, because they didn't want to get back in until time to swim to shore...

A lot of people had swum out to the building today.

Tim and Joe simultaneous midair, nice shot Miranda!

Sister Laura & Miranda in fancy pants. - Brother Tim in cold water.

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Sailing Fun Race 
Miranda and I went out sailing with Scott Tonight. Friday night fun race. Very light wind, but we were winning! Got real far up ahead... But the only problem with winning is that you have to follow the proper course to continue your lead... Captain Scott decided we should go around a bouy a 1/4mile off course... Near mutiny when the crew noticed the mistake.. but we still ended up with second place :)

Nice view of the 4 other racers in our very tiny wake...

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Jay Cooke State Park with Erin & Jon 
Erin and Jon took us for a quick hike up at Jay Cooke State Park. We walked along the sharp rocks of the St Louis River. There was speculation that it may be possible to cross the river along a stretch of large rocks in the river. I took it upon myself to try, and learned a good lesson :). There are rocks that you can jump onto, which then you cannot jump back. After making about a dozen or so such jumps, and then getting almost to the otherside, I found there was a 10' gap, and it was rushing water, too deep to touch. So after feeling trapped for a good 30 minutes and running around trying to find alternative routes, I stuck my cell phone and wallet in my hat, and threw the camera to shore... Then went swimming!.. So it's good fun to jump rocks, but make sure you can jump back :) . Erin also managed to fall in on the way back :)

Miranda, Erin, and Jon hanging over the water.

Miranda and Joe stuck in a big swirl-hole.

The large rock field joe crossed.

Pretty little purple flowers.

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