Travel Diary Setup 
Well, we have just setup this travel diary to keep record our travels.
I have gone back and added some recent adventures we've had so there is something in here. We have not actually left yet. Still working on finishing up work. Hoping to be on the road by the end of June.

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Rock Climbing with Nyhus' 
Miranda and I took Jim Nyhus (Work Friend) his wife Monica, and their 3 kids rock climbing up at Ely's Peak in Duluth. Had a good time, rappelling off the 50' Top knotted up my stomach! It's been too long since we last climbed!

Carl and Kara getting ready to climb.

Mari getting serious.. Jim strapping her in.

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Sailing with Scott 
Went out sailing with my buddy Scott. It was a big race, huge winds 20-30mph. Miranda managed to get out of it.
We did a terrible show :) . We only managed to get the main sail up before the race, and reefed it because of high winds. One minute before the start, we busted the main sail's reef point.. BAD START. Took us a couple minutes to fix, and we were trailing the rest of the time. COLD WINDY DAY... Guess it was fun ?? :)

Bad picture of Scott, Amber, and Duluth Harbor.

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Hiking in the Apostle Islands National Park 
June 7th-8th:
My mother, Miranda, and I had planned a canoe crossing to Sand Island from Meyers Beach but my mother's large puppy wouldn't sit nice, so we decided to go hiking instead. The only mainland campsite was 4.6 miles from Meyers beach. Didn't sound like much, but there were huge hills the entire way. Real nice terrain and views though. Also the campsite was great, right on a private sand beach. The title image at the top of this diary is a sunset Miranda photographed from our campsite. Learned my lesson about overpacking gear :) (Why do we have winter sleeping bags when it's summer??)

Huge crevice, We had the canoe in here earlier.

Lots of little sandstone seacaves.

Nice view from campsite.

Nice big seacave.

Taking a break.. Boy I'm out of shape..

Mom's Puppy, Odie.

Funny/Scary sign before ravine.

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The Wedding Ceremony! 
We had a great time! Thanks to everyone that came. Here are a couple pictures for those that couldn't make it. We built a driftwood platform by moving several tons of sand and ailes by poking sticks in the ground. It was fun.

Miranda's Sisters, and My Brothers, along with friend Jon.

The day went well.

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