Keeping Busy 
Since we got home we have been not only working on the game, but working on getting the Toyota RV ready to go out on a trip. We had a lot of fun on our short adventure that we decided to go out this winter and head south, like some retired folks do. :) The old RV is set up so nicely for us that we feel a bit sad letting it go, but with the problems we started having, we decided that it is time for that one to be put to bed. Since Joe went through a huge mess to get the Toyota RV, we decided it would be best to use it.

So, Joe started by pulling everything out of the RV that we don't need. This mostly includes the bathroom. This not only lightens the RV some by getting rid of a bunch of that weight, but it also frees up that whole area for storage and a kitty play area. Hopefully we'll be able to get it all put together how we want in the next month.


Hopefully we didn't need any of this....

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Well, we made it home. I spent most of the day unpacking the RV. The RV is mostly done and a lot of stuff is put away. Mary took care of the house while we were gone and we came back to not only a clean and organized house, but the yard is very pretty now. She even put in pretty flowers out front. :D
So, we'll be home for a while now. At least until fall. ;)

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Almost There 
We left the oil field and kept working our way home. We stopped at a person's house along the way. She's one of the players and quest writers for the game. She fed us some great pizza. After that, we kept going and made it all the way to Baxter and stayed in a Gander Mountain parking lot. We should make it home in 4-5 hours now.

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Heading Home 
We ended up staying in the parking lot of the bar Sara works at since there was a large dirt area of the lot. This afternoon, we went out to lunch with Sara and her roommate. We then headed out of town and have basically been driving ever since. We are now sitting just south of Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota, parked in a National Grassland which is also an oil field. We'll be back on the road tomorrow morning.
I'll post the Yellowstone photos here.

Old Faithful erupting.

An old geyser.

One of many very neat colored, hot springs. This one is one of the hottest I believe.

Joe's favorite area in the park. He likes his rocks. ;) This very short little road went through the rocks. It looked like giant boulders had just been thrown down to the ground.

A mountain goat that was just off the side of the highway while we were working our way out of the park.

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End of the Road 
On Monday, it was pretty icky looking out, but we left our comfy spot anyway and drove to Signal Mountain where we planned on hiking. It wasn't raining, so that helped. The hike was about 6 miles round trip, with the middle being the summit of the mountain. People could drive up there, so that made it sort of annoying. Getting to the top is supposed to be a reward... Oh well. It was still a nice hike and the sun was even out for a large chunk of it.
We then found a different road to go down to get to the national forest. It started pouring/hailing while driving there. The dirt road got really mucky for a bit. Enough so that I was worried we were going to get stuck. Not so! After that it was insanely potholey. We found the first place we could get off the road and slept there. It was a pretty area, if it wasn't a mud hole...
We left right away in the morning and headed for Yellowstone. While there, our first stop was Old Faithful. We watched it erupt, then walked around all the boardwalks to the other geysers. Very neat area. After our hiking yesterday and now this walk, we are both pretty sore. Apparently we need to get jogging.
The RV barely started up and has been sounding awful. So, after some discussion, we decided to just get home. Yellowstone looks awesome, but we decided we shouldn't press our luck and we would just have to leave it for another time.
On our way out of the park we saw a whole assortment of animals. Tons of Elk and Bison, a wolf and some mountain goats.
We are now about an hour away from Billings, MT. We're going to stop by Joe's sister's, Sara's, work and see her. The plan is to be home sometime in the next couple days.
I'll post photos once I get home since we are currently on the road and it's not easy to upload the photos. :)

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