Dickey Lake Campground 
We spent August 30th & 31st at the Dickey Lake National forest campground. At only $7/night we decided to stay 2 days since it was cold and rainy. Sat and read and played Erin's Rainy-day gift of Battleship and Chess in addition to starting to watch KungFu Series on DVD... Very lazy days :)
Also used the fancy Gift of Iron roasting sticks for doughboys and smores. Mornings have been dipping below 40 degrees.. Starting to get worried about pipes freezing.. GOnna have to insulate this thing so we can run the thermostat at about 40degrees.. the furnace uses up LP way too fast to use more than a tiny bit. Also the choke has been failing more.. Gonna have to work on it in Kalispell.

Cooking wheat doughboys on our fancy-shmancy roasting sticks.

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Logging Road Boondock 
We spent our last remaining Canada "Clearance" boondocked down a logging road. (N 49°19'24" W 115°12'28") We took a bike ride down an unmarked road towards a nearby lake. Ran into a Grampa and a couple grandkids. He invitied us to swim off of his dock, Had a good time. nice little spring-fed lake. Otherwise, we mostly "vegged".

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Radium Hot Springs 
Nice Lazy, Lazy day!
We drove a bunch, from Golden,BC down to Cranbrook,BC. We stopped and
lazed in the "Hot Springs" at Radium,BC it was busy, but HUGE, so there was plenty of room, it was just 2 giant outdoor swimming pools, one fed by hot springs below the building. another, just normal temp. An additional tiny pool was 56F water for "cooling off" :) This SITE has an excellent picture.

We slept at a Walmart parking lot in Cranbrook.

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Another Long Hike 
Today we continued our drive down highway 1. We stopped at a 'lake' (it looked more like a pond or even pool). We then went on a 13km hike up to the upper lookout of Mount Hunter. It was an elevation gain of over a kilometer!. Ouch. We are going to hurt tomorrow.
We are now out of the parks and are using internet in Golden, British Columbia. We're going to be heading down 95 to find someplace to sleep soon.

A hut at the end of our hike where the ranger's (or whomever) stayed when they were up looking for fires.

Joe and I at the top of Mount Hunter.

A natural bridge we stopped at during our drive.

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Lake Louise 
Joe captured the mouse! We let him go into the woods as we were leaving the campground. We continued our journey down highway 1A stopping at info spots along the way. We pulled off at a picnic area and there was an old road blocked off from vehicle traffic that we biked down. Once in Lake Louise we biked the Bow River loop. Very nice trail and neat river. We decided to head up to see Lake Louise an almost killed the Rv on the way up. We biked around up there a little but there were way too many people so we went down the hill a little ways to the Continental Divide. The continuation of highway 1A was right there, but apparenlty now closed to vehicles, so we road our bikes down it a little ways. When we were getting gas a lady parked her short bus too close to the gas pump. Upon driving away she busted the pump. Huh.
Too many people in Lake Louise, so we left and headed for Yoho National Park. We stayed at Monarch Campground and biked up Yoho Valley Road (safer than trying to take RV). We saw where two rivers that are different colors come together. Very neat. Coming down the hill was super fun! :)

The mouse.

Picutre of us in front of the coming together of the two rivers.

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