New Place Photos 
So, I walked around and took pictures of the place along with some photos of the land. I only included one photo of the land here. It's not very easy to get a good view of it... I did include a map of the 40 acres. You can see the yard and the house near the road to the west.
Also, there has been a cat hanging around the house for the last couple weeks. It was definitely owned before because it is very used to people. The people that lived here before said they have no idea whose it could be. We have neighbors half a mile to the north and half a mile to the south and she knows it isn't either of theirs. So, we'll see if we end up with a new kitty.


The new house from the yard. The sun was really bright, so, sorry about the glare.

The living room side. It already looks better than it did in that photo. I got it a bit more organized.

The dining room side. The chairs will not stay there. :)

The bedroom up in the loft.

The field on the northern part of the property.

Curly. The kitty.

A map of our 40 acres. If you click on it, you can see a bigger version.

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We're moved! 
Woohoo! All moved in! We got to the house between 8:30-9:30pm and then had to unload everything with Joe's brothers' and mom's help. So, that made for a long day. There is a lot of unpacking and organizing to do, but the kitchen is mostly done... :D
I'll plan on taking pics tomorrow and trying to get them posted.


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We're moving tomorrow! How crazy! I'm trying to pack as Joe is heading to Menards to pick up some more things for the new house so that stuff can head out on the Uhaul with everything else. It's really weird trying to pack. We can leave some things here, but we're trying to get everything that shouldn't be left for this house. Anyway, back to packing!


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House Photos! 
Yay! We went out to the house/cabin today and Joe took some pictures. So, overlook the mess. The people that live there have a lot of work to do still. :)

This is the house. Unfortunately, there was a bee flying in front of the camera when the photo was taken...

This is part of the living room and you can see the loft a little. The green chair in the picture is staying there. That is one of two chairs that we get too keep. So, I already have some living room furniture.

This is the kitchen. You can see what would be the dining room to the left. The nice thing is the whole thing is really open. The pseudo island they have set up will be gone and we plan to build an actual island there to increase storage space and more counter space.

The bedroom. This will end up being the guest room. We will stay up in the loft with an office.

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Drastic Change of Plans 
So, umm.. We are in the process of buying 40 acres with a cabin on it. We already have put down the earnest money and started to get the loan. Crazy!! So, apparently we aren't traveling too soon again here. But we'll have plenty of projects to keep us busy. :) We should be heading out there again within a couple weeks, before closing. So, I'll get some pictures then and post them up here. :D


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