Minnesota Zoo 
We drove down to the Twin Cities on Sunday since Jenny's flight was leaving from there on Monday. We wanted to do something fun for her last day and a half. We ended up going to the Como Zoo. It was packed, but lots of fun. I took a lot of photos. I'll post some here.
We then stayed at the Radisson down there that is by the Mall of America. They have on of the largest indoor water parks. That was loads of fun. Lots of great slides. The next day we had some time before her flight, so we spent time in the Mall, which Jenny enjoyed.
She is now back in Utah and will be heading to San Fransisco for school soon. Hopefully all goes well!


A gorilla.

A zebra and giraffe in nearby pens.

An orangutan.

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Video of Work 
I'm back home from Montana and have been for a bit yet, but I haven't updated because I have some video that I hadn't dealt with yet. Anyway, Pat (Joe's father) decided to bring the video camera up to the job to get some video of me working. I kept hoping that he would forget, but, alas, he didn't.

Here's the video. It's pretty big, so you may have to be patient for it to load...


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Last Sunday, I flew out to Montana to work for Pat for two weeks. The work has been going well. On Tuesday, the machine blew two hoses at two different times. Since then I haven't had anymore problems. The 12 hour days get a little old and tiring (leave at 4:30am get home between 4 and 5 pm), but only one more week, then I fly back home.

It has been going fine though. On Saturday we went to Hungry Horse Reservoir and picked huckleberries. It was pretty hot, so I jumped in the lake afterwards. That was very refreshing. Now this morning, we used the fresh huckleberries I picked for our huckleberry pancakes. They were very good.

No pictures though because I didn't bring my camera. It was one more thing that I didn't want to have to worry about in the airport. Pat keeps saying he's going to bring the video camera out to the job to film me while working. I keep hoping he'll forget. :)


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Curly Being a Cat 
Yesterday I went outside to get the mail and noticed Curly in the flower garden. He had 2 baby Robins. One was clearly not doing well and going to die, the other one was sitting up with it's mouth open. So, I scooped that one up and tried to see if I could find its nest. Of course that was pretty futile, so I now felt responsible for it and took it inside.
I interned for a summer in an Avian Nursery at a wildlife rehab center, so I knew what the bird needed to live, but I didn't have what I needed. I made up a food slurry and used the heat pack to keep it warm. We then went to Mexican night. When we got back, instead of just one baby bird in the garden, there were two.... Apparently Curly went back to the nest and got the last sibling. :( I buried those two and proceeded to care for the one inside. It made it through the night, but ended up dying around 11am today.
Hopefully Curly won't make a habit of finding and raiding bird nests. I can't really blame him, but I hope he sticks to the rodents.


The baby bird.

The flowers Mary planted. I thought I would show how cute they look for something a little happier.

Here's the other side.

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Keeping Busy 
Since we got home we have been not only working on the game, but working on getting the Toyota RV ready to go out on a trip. We had a lot of fun on our short adventure that we decided to go out this winter and head south, like some retired folks do. :) The old RV is set up so nicely for us that we feel a bit sad letting it go, but with the problems we started having, we decided that it is time for that one to be put to bed. Since Joe went through a huge mess to get the Toyota RV, we decided it would be best to use it.

So, Joe started by pulling everything out of the RV that we don't need. This mostly includes the bathroom. This not only lightens the RV some by getting rid of a bunch of that weight, but it also frees up that whole area for storage and a kitty play area. Hopefully we'll be able to get it all put together how we want in the next month.


Hopefully we didn't need any of this....

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