Back to South Beach 
Well, surfing at Beachside was awful. It was pretty rough and the currents were really strong. So, we decided to move back up to South Beach, where we stayed before Labor Day Weekend. It's a longer walk to the beach, but the surfing is a lot nicer. I stood up bunches and even rode in the whole way a couple times. :)
We had a seal buddy that kept poking up and checking us out. A few times it was probably within 20 feet. Same thing occurred when we were at Beachside. A Harbor Seal kept popping its head up not far from us apparently checking us out.
Well, we're staying here for at least a week if not two, then we might head inland instead of staying on the coast like we've been doing. We'll see.


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Surfin Girl 
WooHooo! Our dirty little secret has been that Miranda hasn't stood up yet on the surfing ;). Well, We finally had some good clean surf, and she gotup twice for some nice real rides :) Way To Go Girl :) We were being overrun with giant pelicans surrounding us, apparently, we were surfing above a school of fish. . . (Sharks?) ;)

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Yay Surf! 
We went surfing today. Super nice waves! They were perfect! What a blast. At one point we were out a little ways waiting for waves and a gull flew up to us and basically hovered just two or three feet away. Super weird. Then later I saw something dark up a head in a wave and realized it was a seal. The seal popped its head up a few times seeming to watch us and then we didn't see it again. We stayed out for a bit, but Joe needed to get out of the sun and we were both really worn out. So now we're hurting a bit, but we may head out again tomorrow morning before we have to leave here. The waves were too perfect to pass up. :)


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The coast finally! We went surfing for five minutes.... Well, okay, it was longer than 5 minutes, but not much. The waves were pretty messy, but Joe stood up a few times and I caught some waves. The last wave I caught I rode almost all the way in to shore. :)
We're both hurting a bit from that today now to.... sore muscles..


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Surfing in Lake Superior on Park Point 
Laura, Miranda and I had the rare treat of 2ft waves in the middle of July on Lake Superior.. normally it has to be early spring or late fall for the waves to be surfable. Although they were small, the girls were stoked and had a good time!! Here is a video of Miranda and Laura showing their stuff: SURF VIDEO!(9mb)

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