Other Excitement 
So, I just wrote about the burning pickup and didn't even mention what happened when we found a campground to stay at. :) The campground was right on the beach, literally, and it was only $15, which is $10 cheaper than most of the state park campgrounds in the area. Anyway, we got there after dark and a guy had gotten his RV stuck in the sand. He dug himself in right up to his axle.
We found ourselves a spot and Joe went over to see if he could help. After trying some things, we decided to see if we could pull it some... We used the webbing we have with us for climbing, but couldn't find a decent place to attach to his RV. Ended up pulling his bumper out some and barely moved him. Not long after that the park ranger showed up. Eventually a buddy of his came that had an SUV and he put it in 4Low, hooked up to the wheel axel?, I believe, then pulled him right out.
So, eventful day yesterday.
We are now in Los Angeles. We decided to get here a couple days early (before Laura and my mom get here) so we could figure things out some.

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Truck on Fire 
We were driving down highway 101 when I saw a pickup driving up the on ramp. The truck bed was completely on fire. There was also a fuel tank in the back, which wasn't on fire. The guy got on the highway right in front of us and Joe laid on the horn, assuming they had no idea they were on fire. The guy must have finally looked back wondering what someone was honking about and you could see them freak out and pull over. Joe was worried about it exploding (the fuel tank in back could have been full) so we just continued on our way thinking there was nothing we could do to help anyway. Later, we realized that we have a fire extinguisher on board, where as many cars don't... Ooops. Later we were just off the highway (we took the next exit) and fire trucks were zooming north on highway 101. Apparently the truck ended up starting grass on fire on the side of the road.
Here's the news story. http://www.venturacountystar.com/news/2 ... inguished/


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Pismo Beach Surfing Safari 
Exciting Surf this morning. Went out at 9am on a cloudy day. Miranda still stayed with kitty because of back pain last few days. On the beach, I noticed a Dead Seal body in a mess of Kelp.. hmmm.. Out in the water, The typical Seals were poping their heads out and staring all rudely about 25 feet away. Out in front of me, I Saw a Big Fin.. . . I freaked, Turned out to be a Dolphin fin though... Little later watched 4-6 dolphons jumping The surf 100 yards away. A single Fin popped up about 30 feet away from me. Later on saw a Sea Otter Lazing on it's back, paddling out to see.. And the whole while Giant Pelicans coming within a Couple feet of my head as they Wind-Surf The same Waves to save on Flapping their wings.. . Also saw a couple baby diving birds of some sort nearby. All in all, a big load of Items on the food chain.. . Had my mind on the one missing Predator to make the party complete, but never saw one ;) Oh.. and the surf itself, is o.k. Morro Bay was better.


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Hmmm I hit a car today. I won. 
We were riding bike back from a china buffet down by the harbor, I was going probably 15mph when a new shiny honda civic fully opened it's door in front of me, I veered, but it was too late, My right chest went fully into the top pointy edge of the door.. I was fully stopped by this, not even falling over :) by the time the stars cleared in my head, I had a slight minor chest pain, but the poor chaps door was nearly ripped off ;) Oh well... He couldn't close it as the brackets were all strectched and the open-limit bar ripped :)

Thanks for new cheap-plastic-cars, they bend really well, to cusion the impact ;)

We had a better surfing experience this morning, except for the 25+ people there.. . I managaged to paddle out of the beach break only once after 4 unsuccessful winding tries :) but it was nice. Tomorrow it should be a little smaller and cleaner, so it should be even better :)

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Morro Bay 
So Joe and I are staying in Morro Bay, CA which is between San Fransisco and LA on the coast. Joe tried surfing yesterday and got a bit beat up. The forecast sounds like the waves should be good tomorrow so we're both going to try then and see how it goes. :)

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