Other Excitement 
So, I just wrote about the burning pickup and didn't even mention what happened when we found a campground to stay at. :) The campground was right on the beach, literally, and it was only $15, which is $10 cheaper than most of the state park campgrounds in the area. Anyway, we got there after dark and a guy had gotten his RV stuck in the sand. He dug himself in right up to his axle.
We found ourselves a spot and Joe went over to see if he could help. After trying some things, we decided to see if we could pull it some... We used the webbing we have with us for climbing, but couldn't find a decent place to attach to his RV. Ended up pulling his bumper out some and barely moved him. Not long after that the park ranger showed up. Eventually a buddy of his came that had an SUV and he put it in 4Low, hooked up to the wheel axel?, I believe, then pulled him right out.
So, eventful day yesterday.
We are now in Los Angeles. We decided to get here a couple days early (before Laura and my mom get here) so we could figure things out some.

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Truck on Fire 
We were driving down highway 101 when I saw a pickup driving up the on ramp. The truck bed was completely on fire. There was also a fuel tank in the back, which wasn't on fire. The guy got on the highway right in front of us and Joe laid on the horn, assuming they had no idea they were on fire. The guy must have finally looked back wondering what someone was honking about and you could see them freak out and pull over. Joe was worried about it exploding (the fuel tank in back could have been full) so we just continued on our way thinking there was nothing we could do to help anyway. Later, we realized that we have a fire extinguisher on board, where as many cars don't... Ooops. Later we were just off the highway (we took the next exit) and fire trucks were zooming north on highway 101. Apparently the truck ended up starting grass on fire on the side of the road.
Here's the news story. http://www.venturacountystar.com/news/2 ... inguished/


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Fresno, CA 
We worked our way back off the mountain for a whopping round trip of 12 miles for Toan and 20 miles for Joe and me. Lucy did great in the RV by herself overnight. We then drove down into Yosemite Valley which had some really neat views. It would be great to hike around down there some, but obviously, we were in no shape to do more hiking. :)
We were without internet for 3 days, so had to find some place to stay where we could work. This is easier said than done in Fresno, CA apparently. The only RV parks were in the opposite direction from where going. We ended up stopping in a little town outside of Fresno where we still had good internet. Joe went
to see about a place to stay and there was actually a cop sitting across the highway from where we stopped. Joe talked to him and he said he didn't care if we parked next to where he was a stayed the night. So, that's what we did. We are now on our way to Sequoia National Park.

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Sacrament Airport 
So we went to Sacramento to pick up Joe's friend, Toan, at the airport. We ended up staying at an expensive KOA the night before though. Anyway, turned out Toan had a layover in Las Vegas where his flight ended up being cancelled. He had to fly to Pheonix that night then to Sacramento. We were parked in an economy lot for the day/night and Toan found us around 9pm (he was supposed to get there around 1pm). So, we stayed in the parking lot that night and left for Yosemite the next morning.

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The Redwoods 
There are some huge trees out here! The forests are very neat. We stayed in Jedediah State Park campground for the first night, but no internet (go figure) so we did a little hiking the next morning then took off. We found a junky RV park in Crescent City that we stayed at the next night. That day though we drove part way towards Stout Grove (it's a once lane, windy road between Redwoods, so they don't like RV's up there). We parked the RV off the road and waited in the rain hoping someone would give us a ride up there. It was a 4 mile walk, so we figured get a ride up there and walk back. A park ranger gave us a ride there, we walked around and saw some neat trees then started down the road. A couple that we saw on the path drove up behind us and gave us a ride back to the RV. They were from Wisconsin and actually drove out this direction to drop off stuff for their son that moved out to Portland.
The next day we hit a few more trails and even saw an elk. Last night we stayed in another kinda junky RV park. We are working our way to Sacramento in order to pick up Joe's friend, Toan, from the airport. He arrives on Saturday. We are currently sitting in a day use area of Humboldt State Park. Very pretty area. We'll try and get some photos up soon. I just haven't gotten any of them on my computer yet.


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