Sorry about the videos. I had problems getting them uploaded. The videos should work now.

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Kittie Videos! 
I finally Got the pictures and videos off the HP camera, so here are a couple videos. Also, we have a red cat tube that the two of them were playing in tons yesterday. Super funny. They even figured out how to roll it. Unfortunately, the video we took was too dark to see much.


CLICK FOR VIDEO:Kitties Playing
CLICK FOR VIDEO:More of Kitties Playing

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Wash Renamed 
Well, we weren't really set on Wash as the gray kitties name. We finally decided on Pickles. So, that is now her name. Mary came up with it.


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Zoe and Wash 
We got new kittens on Sat. morning! Mom and Papa stopped at the place we had seen them being given away on Friday (we were heading into town so didn't get one then). Mom couldn't decide between two of them, so asked if we just wanted 2. We finally decided that would probably be fun for the two of them also. So, they would have each other to play with. Lucy is not impressed. Curly gets along with them fine.

Then, yesterday, We decided since some of the mushrooms are so bug, it would be really funny to see the kittens next to them. So, we found the mushrooms and set them down. They did fine for a while and I got some cute pictures, but then Wash decided to jump at it and eat it!! Three hours later she was super wobbly. Scared me enough that I called the emergency vet and decided to take her in. On the way I identified the mushroom (I have a book) and she vomited, and started looking better. So, we just went to Mom and Papa's. She is all better now. Needless to say, she will not be going near anymore mushrooms again.


Wash is the gray one. Zoe is the black one.

Wash and the mushroom.

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Gorgeous Work Day 
Yesterday we did a bunch of work outside. I finally finished painting the milk shed. Well, most of it. The trim still needs one coat, then it's completely done. Joe and Mary planted trees near the milk shed in a part of the field that we feel would be better forested. While we were working, Curly decided to climb the tree next to us. The next morning, Lucy climbed the large spruce next to the house. I got so many pictures of that... It was pretty hard to choose which one to post. :)


Curly in the tree.

The painted milk shed.

The trees we planted.

Lucy in the tree. I chose this one mostly because it's kinda funny looking. :)

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