Jekyll Island 
We left Hunter Island and headed farther south to Jekyll Island in Georgia. This island is definitely more touristy. You even have to pay a $5 entry fee (they call it a parking fee...) There are bike trails all around the island, so after getting a site we hopped on the bikes. We went around the whole island. After we got back, Joe calculated it and figured we biked about 20 miles. We're staying here another night to do laundry and get some work done. We may bike a bit more... We'll see.

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Hunter Island State Park 
We decided to keep heading down south a little and check out Hunter Island State Park. It was a longer drive through town than we expected it to be and the park is pretty packed, but I think it was worth it. The mix of trees and the general landscape of the island are amazing. We walked down the beach a ways to see a ton of trees that were dead from having their roots washed out from underneath them. We walked down on the beach and came back on a trail within the forest that consisted of a lot of palm trees, but other trees as well. Also, there are little crabs everywhere and some that are not so little.

Our spot we found in Sumter National Forest.

A creepy, huge daddy longlegs-type spider that was very close to getting in the RV.

Pickles curled up by the pedals. She likes being there when we're not moving.

A view of the "tree graveyard" down the beach.

Me standing on one of many stumps in the ocean. Seeing the roots like that was very neat.

A crab that we startled.

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The spot in Sumter National Forest was great. Unfortunately, we were not getting enough sun and it was raining yesterday, so our battery was running extremely low. Before we left we checked out one other road in the forest that looked promising. We didn't find any other spot where we would have been able to park, but we did go for a walk in the forest to a nearby river. Some of the plants and trees around there are very neat.

We left and since we were going to be driving through Columbia, we stopped at a YMCA and also looked for a restaurant that had some good vegetarian food. We ended up going to the Blue Cactus. A little, hole in the wall, Korean restaurant. The food was very good.

Last night it was pouring like crazy. We got to Colleton State Park and stayed there the night. We are probably going to head back north a little bit today since it is pretty toasty and muggy.


This is an old picture, but I hadn't gotten around to getting the photos off my computer. This was at a small state park where there was a natural tunnel in the rock. Since the tunnel was already there, they put the train tracks through it. While we were there, a train just happened to be going by.

A large tree with a vine hanging off it. Joe was hoping to be able to swing on it, but it wasn't strong enough.

Some bamboo.

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Sumter National Forest 
Finally! We finally found a proper National Forest.
We stayed in the Walmart parking lot for two nights so we could get a bunch of work done. We left yesterday, early afternoon and headed towards Union, SC in search of a YMCA. That one was apparently closed on Sundays. The whole town was really dreary and run down looking. Everything looked closed or out of business. So, we just left and headed towards the Sumter.

We picked a road and drove down it. We parked in a spot for lunch then biked down the road to see if we could find a spot. We ended up finding a small road that branched off the main one, split, and both ends ended. Perfect! Unfortunately, our power is pretty low (it's been cloudy) but it's so nice to finally be somewhere away from people and cities.

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Electric Issues 
We left the National Forest in the morning and kept on heading south. We made it to Johnson City, TN and found a Walmart to sleep at. We bought a little netbook type thing at the Best Buy in town also. Now we use that while driving and at night (watching stuff online before bed) to help conserve on power. Plus it's easier to haul around than our big laptops.
We left Johnson City yesterday with a general plan to try and find somewhere in another National Forest to stay. Unfortunately, the National Forests over here are far more populated than those in the West. We just cannot seem to find roads that just go into the forest! They all are privately owned and have houses on them. Those that don't, don't have any side roads, or anywhere to pull off. Seeing some of the garbage and mess in that last forest spot we were at, I think we see why. It appears that people around here don't know how to not make a mess of the forest... In that last spot, we actually found 3 containers filled with old fluorescent lights.. . . That's pretty bad.

So, we climbed the mountain (it was dark, so we couldn't really see the view) and there was an overlook off the interstate. We stopped for who knows what reason. When we went to start it up again, it clicked and then no more electricity. We decided to just stay there the night and figure it out in the morning.

Oh my gosh it was so windy! Joe barely slept because the wind kept rocking the RV. Once morning came, Joe started poking around. He checked all the fuses he could find and did a lot of wire wiggling. Eventually it just started working again. We have no idea why, so unfortunately, it will probably happen again. We're thinking it's a lose connection or wire somewhere.

Anyway, we're now staying in yet another Walmart in Spartanburg, SC. We'll be able to get a bunch of work done since the internet is good, then keep heading towards the coast tomorrow.


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