Piece of Junk 
We were between Lexington and Winchester when the RV started to sound like it was grinding and it gradually got louder. Then the temperature started to spike. Since Joe has had the engine seize from it getting too hot before he pulled over and shut it off. When he opened the hood there was oil, or something, sprayed all over the hood.

Long story not quite so long, eventually a cop pulled up behind us. By this time we knew it was a leak dealing with the transmission, but Joe couldn't find the leak. The officer drove me to a gas station to get more fluid. We put that in and tried to make it to Winchester (we were 10 miles from the exit). It went fine to start but started sounding awful again, so we made it to the next exit which had nothing at it and parked in a pull off near the interstate to stay the night.

This morning Joe found the leak, removed the hose and I was able to call a taxi to come pick us up, bring us to Winchester and bring us back. So, all fixed. The engine doesn't sound great, but it's definitely better than it was. So, we'll see how it goes.

For the happier part of the day, we stopped at a cute sandwich place for dinner and had the best veggie wraps, cheesy potato soup and chai ever. We then found a YMCA, worked out and took showers. We'll probably do that when we can now. Tonight we're staying in a Walmart parking lot and hope to be in National Forest tomorrow.


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Lots of Driving 
We drove basically all day yesterday. We stopped at a Walmart in southern Indianapolis and stayed there the night. We started out this morning and decided to stop for lunch in Louisville, KY if there was a good vegetarian place. We ended up finding a restaurant called the Zen Garden that was completely vegetarian. The food was amazing! Joe had an orange tofu dish, I had a vegetable fried rice and we both shared a Zen Garden Roll, which was a type of sushi. We'll have to remember that if we ever pass through this area again.
We're currently sitting outside "Sweet Surrender", which is a dessert cafe. They serve a vegetarian lunch also, but we aimed for the Vietnamese place instead. The dessert should be good though. We'll see. :D

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We finally left yesterday at around 4pm. Our plan was to leave right after we got the mail because we were waiting for a package. Of course that package didn't show up.... So, we decided it probably wasn't going to and just left anyway.
It's a bit chilly, but we are working our way south. Our main goal was to not be below freezing over night. We made it to Black River Falls, WI and stayed at a truck stop. It was a bit cold, but we gained 5 degrees in temperature from home! So that's a plus. Our goal today is to just keep getting farther south. We'll see how far we get. :)
The kitties are doing great traveling. Curly spends most of the driving time on one of our laps. Zoe lays in the middle of the floor somewhere. Lucy walks around, but is often in one of our laps and Pickles hides under the table. We'll see how much that changes when they get more used to it and it gets warmer.

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Leaving Tomorrow 
We finally have the patches and fixes done in the RV. Of course in the meantime it decided to not only get very cold for fall, but snow too. We are waiting on a package that should come today, then we'll be basically set to go. We're leaving in the morning tomorrow since we'll have to drive quite a bit in order to get someplace where we won't freeze for the night. Once we're on the road, we'll start updating more frequently.

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So, our hope was to leave very soon. Last night we tested the water in the RV. Half filled the tank and ran water through the faucet. The main goal of this was to see if the lights worked (this RV has a gauge that lights up to show us how much water is in the tank) and to see if it was stinky or gross. Instead of this simple test, we ended up finding leaks everywhere. From the piping coming from the hot water heater (which we're now going to take out since we'll never use it anyway) to the hose hookup outside, to the stupid cheapy faucet.

This RV has been nothing but trouble... Hopefully once this is fixed, that will be the end of it. *crosses fingers*


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