Happy Birthday Joe! 

We did a bunch more driving today. Had lunch at a neat cafe in Colorado Springs then drove through Denver toward Hygiene, CO. We are now staying at the house of one of our Horse Isle players/mods/quest writers. She has 3 beautiful horses, an ostrich, 2 dogs and I think 11 cats. A very fun and active home. :)


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Gallup, New Mexico 
Well, we decided against the Grand Canyon. It would be too cold with probably no way to plug in, which means either no heat or using the furnace, which is incredibly inefficient. So, we decided on a return trip out west we'll go there. :)
We are now on our way towards Denver, CO to go meet a friend. Lots of driving though because we don't want to sit in the cold too long. :)

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Windy Drive 
So, we stayed in that RV park for another night to get some work done and left this morning towards Flagstaff. It was really windy though. The head wind was insane. We just felt like we were wasting gas. So, we found a nice RV park with wi-fi internet and stopped there for the night. Probably heading out tomorrow. Hopefully it won't be as bad.
Here are some fun pics also. :)

Lucy was chasing a bug that was outside the screen door.

Lucy on the screen door going after the bug. Right after this photo, the door swung open. I tried to get a picture, but I went running for her so ended up with a pic of the bed instead..

A grapefruit tree right behind our RV. Look Papa! This is what your grapefruit tree could be someday if the thing wouldn't freeze when left outside...

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We are in Black Canyon City in an RV park. We went to the potluck here. Joe made a falafel salad thing and I think we were the only ones that ate any of it. I think it was a little too weird for a thanksgiving dinner I guess. Oh well. Now we know what we're having for dinner tonight. :) We had some good food though.

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Hmm... yeah. Let's just say we didn't like Phoenix and will never go back. We did go to a Kelly Clarkson concert which I thoroughly enjoyed and Joe suffered through. :) We left the city after that.
We'll just leave it at the "if you don't have anything good to say..."

We are currently staying at a nice RV park in Black Canyon City where we will spend Thanksgiving. We have even been invited to a potluck. Still debating on whether we'll go or not. Joe will have to come up with something to make. :)


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