Windy Drive 
So, we stayed in that RV park for another night to get some work done and left this morning towards Flagstaff. It was really windy though. The head wind was insane. We just felt like we were wasting gas. So, we found a nice RV park with wi-fi internet and stopped there for the night. Probably heading out tomorrow. Hopefully it won't be as bad.
Here are some fun pics also. :)

Lucy was chasing a bug that was outside the screen door.

Lucy on the screen door going after the bug. Right after this photo, the door swung open. I tried to get a picture, but I went running for her so ended up with a pic of the bed instead..

A grapefruit tree right behind our RV. Look Papa! This is what your grapefruit tree could be someday if the thing wouldn't freeze when left outside...

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We are in Black Canyon City in an RV park. We went to the potluck here. Joe made a falafel salad thing and I think we were the only ones that ate any of it. I think it was a little too weird for a thanksgiving dinner I guess. Oh well. Now we know what we're having for dinner tonight. :) We had some good food though.

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Hmm... yeah. Let's just say we didn't like Phoenix and will never go back. We did go to a Kelly Clarkson concert which I thoroughly enjoyed and Joe suffered through. :) We left the city after that.
We'll just leave it at the "if you don't have anything good to say..."

We are currently staying at a nice RV park in Black Canyon City where we will spend Thanksgiving. We have even been invited to a potluck. Still debating on whether we'll go or not. Joe will have to come up with something to make. :)


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Sonoran Desert National Monument 
We stayed in the Sonoran Desert for a couple nights. There wasn't much set up for it, but there was a road that went to a toilet, so we stayed there and went for some walks to check out the area. It was a neat area, but the first morning we were there a bunch of ATV's that went zooming down the road. For the most part, they just went past and kept on going. There was one group the, for some reason, decided to zip around by our RV, kicking dust up. Nice.

That small white speck is our RV. There were train tracks not terribly far away that was frequently used. It was mostly background noise, but we kept thinking a vehicle was coming down the dirt road. :)

A view near the top of a small mountain we went up.

A crazy, big cactus.

Cactus skeleton

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Joshua Tree National Park - Lots of Pictures 
The northern part, or Mojave Desert, of Joshua Tree National Park was really neat! There were huge rock formations everywhere. We stayed at the Jumbo Rocks campground the only night we were there, so I guess that would explain the rocks.. :) Apparently it's a popular place to climb and we were tempted, but the rocks are very rough. We would need palm gloves to keep our hands from getting too chewed up.
On our first evening, we went for a walk and saw a bobcat! I've never seen a bobcat in the wild before! It acted like a big kitty. We even watched it stalking something. Tail doing the twitchy thing and everything. It was neat.
The next day we walked all over jumping over rocks and such. The rocks were so sticky you could walk up just about anything.
After our walk, we started driving south, towards I-10. We saw the Cholla (pronounced coy-ya) Cactus gardens. Very neat looking. That area was the transition into the drier, hotter Colorado Desert. Not as much neat stuff there, we ended up heading out of the park and stayed in Quartzite, AZ last night. Seems to be a trucker town... but the RV park is cheap.

Joe walking down a boulder

The bobcat!

There was an area where there were tons of rocks laid out in all sorts of shapes. Here was a unicorn we thought was well done, and appropriate for our game. :)

A neat formation in the side of a rock.

A natural arch

Some of the landscape. That rock looks like a pig nose...

A Cholla Cactus. You can see bunches more behind it.

The spines of the Cholla Cactus. The have very tiny barbs on the very end that make them difficult to get out. Ouch!

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