More Machine Problems 
So the delimber broke down again... A hydralic hose that is in the head and goes to the saw in the head was leaking this afternoon. We had to pull that out and call to see if they had a part in. They skidded more trees up while I chipped away at the mud that was thawing on my tracks (another long story). Pat and I left early to make sure the part they had was the right one. It's a good thing we did stop in because they had the wrong size fitting on one side so it woudn't have fit. I'm heading in early with Pat tomorrow to start to get rid of the large pile that is now in front of me.


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Christmas Eve/Day 
Well, we had a very nice Christmas. On Christmas Eve we had dinner together and played some cards. Sara and I went shopping for food (they always have shrimp and oysters) and we got some stocking stuffers too. On our way home we saw a Husky running around on highway so we caught it (it was quite friendly) and tried to call the number on its tag. When no one answered we brought the dog back to the house until we finally did get a hold of the owner about 15 minutes later.
We got our stockings and opened presents in the morning. Thank you all for the gifts you sent. We went to Nancy's sisters for dinner and we played cards with relatives. Afterwards we came home and watched some more Firefly. :)
It was weird and a bit sad not being home for Christmas, but we had a nice time.


PBRs, the dog and Tom.

A picture of us: Sara, Joe, me, Tom, Nancy, and Pat.

A nice picture of Sara.

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Our First Anniversary 
Well, we're not doing much for our anniversary, but we are hanging out with Pat, Nancy and Sara (half sister). We played many games of pitch, which was a lot of fun. Joe and I went for a walk in the snow in the field with Brad the cat. Mom and Papa had sent the top of our wedding cake to the house. I included a picture of it below... Otherwise, we're going to watch some Firefly and we've been wrapping presents. It's been a fun day so far. :)


The cake didn't really like going through the mail apparently.

Joe and Brad out in the snow.

The pretty christmas tree. It's fake... A logger with a fake christmas tree.... go figure.

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Day Off Work 
I got the day off today. Pat went up to the site early (like usual) to load the trucks and he called Nancy to have her call everyone because it was crazy windy up there. It's been really gusty in town too. Up there though, it gets pretty bad and since we've opened up the hillside the remaining trees are more prone to blow down. So, it's a bit dangerous in the woods on a day like today. I get a three day weekend! :)


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End of the Week 
So Trevor (the truck driver) brought the two cables today as well as a heater for the yarder. So not only has my machine been having issues but the yarder's heater went out last week and there was beeping and smoking smell and everything in there. Apparently they blew a fuse and there was something more wrong with it. When Brad was up yesterday helping with my machine he checked out the yarder too, so that will be fixed soon too.
We finished working early today and everyone left but Pat and me. We changed two cables on the machine. The front winch cable (the one I pointed out on the picture) and the rear winch cable. You can kinda see it in the second picture. It's right above the hydralic hose. Those cables are really heavy. It went pretty smoothly though. We got a bit greasy.
Yanking those cables around for an hour after work... I'm gonna be a sore one tomorrow. :)


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