We spent Tuesday traveling to Cozumel. We had to take a ferry, then a taxi, then a bus then another ferry to get there. Mary was feeling a little seasick from the ferry ride, so we just went to the hotel that we've stayed at on Cozumel before. Lunch was at apparently the oldest restaurant on Cozumel. We just had empanadas, guacamole and horchata. The horchata was definitely the best I've had while in Mexico. We spent that evening doing some walking around and eventually found a super cute little dinner place that was a block off the main street. Mary did a little shopping that evening but was mostly finding she was done with people yelling at her trying to buy stuff. :)

Wednesday, we woke up with the plan to get some more of that yummy horchata, wasting a little time before we had to be at the airport. Unfortunately, that changed when Mary woke up sick. Instead I went out to find some medicine and food that she might be able to eat and then we just stayed in the room until we had to be at the airport.

She was definitely uncomfortable and threw up literally right before getting on the plane. We made it though. After getting to the house, she crashed. She woke up feeling much better though, so that was definitely a relief.


The cute restaurant. This was taken on my phone when it was pretty dark, so not great, but you get the feeling.

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Relaxing on Isla Mujeres  
We spent the last few days mostly relaxing. We would go find breakfast then go back to the room to cool off a bit. Mary often would go shopping or a bit then we would find lunch. The sun is so hot! We waited until an hour or so before sunset before going swimming both Sat and Sun at the north beach. The water was great and we stayed out and watched the sunset on Sunday.

On Mon we woke up bright and early to see the sunrise. It was definitely gorgeous, but our breakfast place didn't open until 9 so there was quite a bit of waiting around until we could go get our yummy crepe breakfast. It was worth it as usual though.

At 10:30 Mary left to go on a snorkel trip. It was basically the same one we did but she didn't have the bad weather to foul it up. She had a blast. Saw lots of cool things and had a lot of really fun people on her boat with her. She was so glad she went.



Mary at sunrise

The rusty, sunken ship where Mary went snorkeling.

The underwater museum.

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First Full Isla Mujeres Day 
We mostly relaxed for today (and most of this trip with Mary will be just chilling out and relaxing). We went to Mary's favorite place, Tia Yao, for breakfast and had super yummy crepes. I hung out in the room for most of the hot part of the day. Mary did some shopping. Once it was getting a little later when the sun wasn't so high and hot, we headed to the beach to do some swimming. Our plan was to snorkel around the rocks and see some fish but not only was it pretty busy, but it had been really windy most of the day so the waves were high. The area we were in was mostly protected but it was kicking up the sand which reduced visibility and created quite a current. We swam for a bit longer before getting out to head back to the room and shower before dinner.

On our walk back, we were walking barefoot and Mary managed to step on a bee which then stung the bottom of her foot. She limped her way back to the room and took some motrin. After our showers she said it was feeling all right so we went for a walk along the coast which was gorgeous. They have a cement walkway along the east coast that goes along most of the northern part of the island. After the walk we got a yummy dinner then headed back to the room. I spent an hour or so on the moon deck enjoying the breeze while reading before heading to sleep.

Super yummy crepe place.

Swimming and looking for fishies.

Mary at the coast.

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Stressful Day on Isla Mujeres  
After finding breakfast I was getting packed up when I realized a black sock and my fox t-shirt were missing. The sock is a little annoying but not that big of a deal. The fox shirt I really like so that was kind of sad. I wrote down some phrases and decided to go back to the laundry place just in case they did have it. The lady went and looked and sure enough, came back with the shirt. Yay! I was pretty happy. Not the sock, but that's all right.

We hopped on a bus to Cancun. From there we found a bubble tea place, sat down for a drink then got a cab to the ferry to Isla. The line for the ferry was crazy! It was so long. It didn't take us too long to get on a boat. Unfortunately that had me worried that we were going to have issues finding a place to stay. This did end up being the case. I tried about 5 places before setting Mary down with our bags at a juice place and wandering around myself. I finally found a place that had one night available. I took that and we proceeded to look around for a place for the weekend. Our plan was to stay at least until Monday. I ended up only finding a couple places that had one room available with only one double bed.... That would be pretty uncomfortable for the two of us. One of those options was not only expensive but only had wifi in the lobby. I was hoping for something to be available where Mary and I would actually be able to sleep.

We did one more loop together to try and catch some that I hadn't tried yet (there weren't many) and found each place that I remember Joe, Dani and I had looked at (after we already had a place) because it was painted super cute. It was pretty pricey. Mary and I stopped in and it was the same guy. I asked and he seemed pretty sheepish and said that he did have a room available. I expected a single bed or something similar and he opened the door to an adorable room with two double beds and a refrigerator. He said they have wifi throughout the hotel, a pool on the roof, a community kitchen and water available to refill bottles. It is expensive but we took it since we were obviously not having luck anywhere else. Mary is so extremely happy.

Once we could chill out a bit, I went back to the room while Mary went shopping. After she came back we found some yummy dinner then walked around a bit before heading to bed.

The first room.

Our upgrade. :)

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Meeting Up With Mary 
Today was the day we switched people. We got some breakfast then got the bags packed up and headed over to Cozumel. Since we got the hotel in Playa for 2 nights I could leave mine there. We got some juice and a light snack then caught a taxi for the airport. They left and I waited around for a bit over an hour for Mary to show up. Unfortunately, I somehow missed her when she came out of the doors so she walked around the airport and I didn't see her until she came back around the third time. It had her pretty freaked out, but we met up and headed out.

We went right to the ferry and over to Playa to drop off her bag. We then went out for some falafel for dinner and a little walking around before heading back to the room for rest and sleep.

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